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The Nice Guys on Business

Nov 29, 2015

He has been an adviser to the White House since the 90's, worked on President Obama's senate and presidential campaigns, is Joe Biden's Chief of Staff, helps Hillary Clinton prepare for debates, and was made fun of on SNL, and now Ron Klain is helping entrepreneurs. Hear about it on today's Nice Guys podcast.


Nov 24, 2015

Royalty on The Nice Guys? Well, not exactly but you'll have to listen to today's interview to find out the story behind that and how to get your free copy of "Mind Hacking" before it is even available for purchase!


Today's interview with Sir John Hargrave is incredibly interesting, informative, and can get you...

Nov 20, 2015

Today we interview man, myth, and legend John Lee Dumas. In under 3 years he has published over 1220 episodes and has more than 100,000 podcast listens every month! Learn from his successes and failures on The Nice Guys today.


John Lee Dumas has one of the world's most successful podcasts, he gives away amazing...

Nov 17, 2015

Joe runs the Content Marketing Institute and can show you how your business can use the same strategy that ESPN, the Huffington Post, and the NY Times all use to grow. The marketing of the future is all about brands telling stories. Are you?


Here's what we learned about Joe:


  • He plans to write a book every...

Nov 13, 2015

A follow-up conversation with entrepreneur and author Tim Fargo, creator of the Tweet Jukebox about his new venture The Extraordinary Network.


Tim has over 190k Twitter followers, he built and sold a successful business for $20 million dollars


  • Tim believes that the only way to be successful is to help others.
  • On...