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The Nice Guys on Business

Apr 26, 2016

Twitter- @lizlockard

The Nice Guys - @djdoug (Doug) and @niceguysonbiz (Strickland)


Liz Lockard knows SEO. We mean, she REALLY knows SEO. If you are looking for more traffic for your website, you have to listen to today's Nice Guys podcast.

-Why is SEO such a mystery, or is it?

-Who controls SEO and how often do the rules change?

-Do file names count in SEO?

-Here are the questions you will hear answers to today:

Is SEO the best match for everybody?

What are some simple ways to get started?

What ONE thing would you choose to keep to help you with your SEO efforts?

What are some things you definitely would recommend AGAINST doing?

How can we use social media to help our SEO efforts?

What one action item could I use TODAY without professional help to start seeing improvements to my traffic?

If I don’t know anything about SEO, why do I still need to look at my Google Analytics?


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  • The Ultimate Survey Guide
  • Google Analytics Guide
  • Google Analytics E-Mail course

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Contact Liz-

Phone (267) 702-0873

Twitter- @lizlockard

More cool stuff from Liz- Her once-a-year SEO for real people course, Your SEO Roadmap


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