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The Nice Guys on Business

Jun 21, 2021

Nice Guy Community, Is life preparing you for something bigger? If you are ready to step out of our comfort zone, today‚Äôs guest will help you get there. Maxwell Adekoje (pronounced A-dee-ko-jay) is a native of war-torn Nigeria. A survivor through and through he came to the  United States for better life. A 20-year...

Jun 18, 2021

So I've heard the boys do some random shit before but this is waaaaay out there. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever today. Unless you're on 'shrooms, which I am. That's how I know it was so random, because it actually made sense to me which it never does. Take that however you want. 

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 You really...

Jun 14, 2021

David Wolfe is the Founder and CEO of Brooklyn NY based (Inn-Goo-Oh-Eye-Oh), a cloud based AI driven breakthrough solution in the world of data analytics. Sounds complicated, but David will help make it easy for all of us Market Research newbies. Currently he delivers powerful insights with twice the accuracy...

Jun 11, 2021



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Simplecast is...

Jun 4, 2021

Even when they don't have anything to talk about, they still suck. Wait, that's kind of understood, change that to "Even when they DO have something to talk about, they still suck!" Except that would hint that they actually have something to talk about today and I don't want to get your hopes of that up because trust...